Gifts for Everyone!

Hey Friends! I’m excited to announce that our annual Christmas gift guides are ready. We had so much fun scouring the internet for the best gifts for the holidays and beyond. We selected our favorites so you can stay home in your jammies, knowing you’ll find something wonderful for everyone on your list. The shops […]

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Remote Meditation Retreat With Rocky Mountain Views – House of the Week

Sometimes when searching for a place to live, you don’t find the spot – the spot finds you.

Such was the case for David Tresemer. The year was 1986, and Tresemer was looking to escape the hustle and bustle of burgeoning Boulder, CO. He drove 90 minutes in every direction and was eventually drawn to an expansive spot a short drive from the city.

“It’s so pure. It looks down on Boulder,” he said. “The land really just spoke to me.”

With snowcapped-mountain views and creekside trails to explore, the 105-acre setting was so inspiring that Tresemer not only built his home here but also created a spiritual retreat for the community.

The centerpiece is a 12-sided structure he calls the StarHouse, which serves as a nondenominational gathering space for everything from yoga to weddings to solstice celebrations.

“We all tend to feel a little overwhelmed by what’s going on in the world, and it’s important to have a place to reconnect – for silence and a deeper connection,” said Tresemer’s wife, Lila.

Lila and David married in the StarHouse in 1995, and they’ve since officiated a number of weddings there. They now live in a custom-built 6,500-square-foot home on the property named MorningStar.

With 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, the house is bathed in warm, natural wood elements, from the walls to the ceilings to the doors.

Tresemer described the home as rustic and spiritually accented, with crystals and fountains interspersed throughout.

There’s a celestial mural the couple commissioned from a local artist above a fireplace, and an outdoor courtyard serves as a private meditation spot.

But the west-facing deck on the second floor, perfect for dramatic sunsets and more, might just be the couple’s favorite.

“You’re looking at the snowcapped mountains, and you can see the sunset or the moonset,” Tresemer said. “I prefer the moonset because it’s so dramatic.”

An off-grid, 2-bedroom retreat cabin is just beyond the main house (a woman recently spent an entire week there in silent meditation).

There’s also a historical 1904 homestead cabin on the property, along with organic gardens and other spiritual locales, including two labyrinths.

A perfectly shaped dodecahedron acts as a meditation chamber, and a 20-minute walk on the property leads guests to a physician’s tree – a spot for personal healing, Tresemer said.

Despite their deep love for the home, the Tresemers decided to put it up for sale for $2.45 million (they’ve also listed the entire property for $5.2 million)

“[This spot is] already loved by many, but there’s room for someone to bring their own vision and their own concept,” Lila said. “We would like to see it continued by a community of people who’ve come to love it.”

“It’s age-related for us, and we feel there’s a lot of vision and enthusiasm among the younger generations,” she continued. “We would love to see them take it to the next level.”

Roger Walker of RE/MAX Alliance on Walnut carries the listing. Photos courtesy of Rob Larsen.


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Gift Guide: for the College Student

Making that transition from high school to college is a huge milestone in any person’s life. The independence and responsibility signify the end of childhood and entry into adulthood. Why not give them a gift that makes that journey a little easier? Help them prepare with a taste of home as they venture out and spread their wings.


For a gift they’ll love, give them the dorm life they deserve with furniture pieces that exude swagger and comfort, and, most importantly, matches their personality and sense of style.

Here are some gift ideas that you can pick up for the college student in your life:

A Sofa Sleeper for Multi-Purpose R&R

The cerdic cream sofa provides sumptuous comfort and contemporary style and functioning as a queen sized pull out bed

Whether your student is living in a dorm or apartment, having multi-functional furniture is not only a lifesaver, but a space saver, too. They’ll be so thankful for this sofa when friends come to crash after a get-together or party. The comfy memory foam mattress provides better airflow and a cooler night’s sleep. It’s the perfect gift for any college student looking to have company over.

Get it here

Wall Art to Represent Standout Style

blue abstract wall art on a wall with a plant next to it.

It’s abstract; a teal/white palette swimming in bohemian glamor–what’s not to love? This is not only a great gift, but an adult upgrade from when they used to tack papers, posters and pictures directly to the wall. They’ll love how the abstract lace bounces off the canvas in a flurry of colorful excitement. It sure beats the bland, white walls that are in apartments and dorms–plus, it matches a variety of decor styles, so you literally can’t go wrong with this wall art.

Get it here

An Arc Lamp to Illuminate Study Time

polished chrome arc floor lamp with white drum shade

Shed light on simple, upscale design for your college student. This practical gift will keep their study area well lit, with the option of a dimmer switch in case things get too bright for those all-nighters, writing essays or studying for exams. Its contemporary look will fit right into their dorm’s aesthetic.

Get it here

A Chalkboard to Keep Organized

White chalkboard with feather designs on the top half.

This chalkboard has it all: hooks for keys or bags, a chalkboard to itemize important reminders and due dates, and a fun feather design for universal appeal. It’s a practical way to balance work and play that your student will surely find joy in at every glance.

Get it here

An Accent Mirror for Added Heirloom-Like Character

Sheld shaped wall mirror with antiqued platinum color trim.

Give your college student the look and feel of a boutique treasure with this accent mirror. It’ll reflect their high sense of style and character no matter where it goes. Plus, it’s a helpful tool for a last-look before running out the door.

Get it here

A Pillow for Afternoon Catnaps

Solid textured turquoise yellow accent pillow

There’s something so relaxing about laying your head down on a soft cotton pillow. Give your student the gift of zzzs with this turquoise pillow, which is sure to add a pop of color and style to their space. It’s versatile and goes well on a sofa, armchair, or bed for all-around flair.

Get it here

A Fuzzy Pillow for Feel-Good Vibes

Fury golden throw pillow loaded with shaggy texture

With this fuzzy flokati pillow, you can sprinkle a bold accent in their dorm–without being overbearing. The gold shade not only mixes well with a variety of furniture styles, but the texture is a universal favorite.

Get it here

A Tray to Store All The Essentials

Gold tray with decorative fruits inside

Help your college student stay organized with this tray, which can be a quick repository to store daily mail, chargers, or important items. It’s a classy, geometric sun design that will stay trendy in any space.

Get it here

A Throw for Cozy Nights In

slate gray throw with misc throws

Sometimes, your student will just want to cuddle up, drink some tea, and watch a movie–especially on sick days. Help them stay comfortable throughout the semester with this casual-cool throw, perfect for any dorm or apartment.

Get it here

A Pouf They Can Use for Everything

Traditional cream pouf

Practical and lightweight, this pouf will be a useful foot rest, storage top for papers, and anything else they can come up with. Not only is it a subtle way to add patterns and fun colors into a room, but your college student will love its happy blend of comfort and durability.

Get it here

An Armless Chair for The Support They Need

Paisley has never looked this good. They’ll find ample comfort and support with the high-resiliency foam cushions and lumbar pillow. Also, it’s small and doesn’t take up too match floor space, which makes it an ideal choice for their dorm room or small apartment.

Get it here

Are you now inspired to shop for your college student? Let us know in the comments below, or reach out to us using the hashtag #MyAshleyHome.

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3 Rooms, 0 Hassle: A Boho Style Makeover

Bohemian chic is more popular than ever–it’s such a fun style chock full of color and countless design options. One thing especially rings true as a requirement for boho style, though, and that’s comfort. In fashion, it’s free and flowy clothes, with a widespread eclectic array that melds the artistic and unconventional. The very same can be said about the boho aesthetic in interior design.

If you’re feeling the need to satisfy your bohemian vibes, we’ve got ideas on how to go boho in 3 rooms: the dining room, living room and bedroom.

Dining Room Bohemian Beauty


  • Set the scene with a gorgeous multicolored table runner, and accentuate it with bright solid placemats.
  • Having a vintage-inspired dining room set, including a table, upholstered and cushioned chairs, or even a bench, helps add to the eclectic, weathered finish that’s popular in boho style.
  • For added storage, a dining room server is a go-to solution to place vibrant china, tableware and accents.
  • An organic-looking centerpiece is key to maintaining thef free-flowing design of the room.
  • Go with bold patterns for your rug, and you’ll be rewarded with lasting durability and added eccentricity under your feet.
  • Find wall art or wall decor pieces that bring the entire look together.
  • Classic accents, such as a pendant light or the closet doors featured in the video, add such a soothing, unconventional vibe to the room.
  • Gather eclectic items together such as vases, jars, candle holders, and napkin rings to form a colorful–yet still cohesive–aesthetic.
  • Use a tray with artificial fruit to add color and texture to your dining room.


Living Room Boho Beauty


  • Boho doesn’t always have to be in your face. Choose a color and use it in understated pops for a beautiful, chic finish.
  • Picking a dark or neutral color for your seating allows you to mix and match palettes.
  • Antiqued and distressed accents such as mirrors, wall clocks, wall art and rugs complement the flowy and vintage origins of bohemian style.
  • You can’t go wrong with adding greenery and plant life into your space for that organic feel.
  • Lighting is so important to add brightness and illuminate your space in a warm, inviting glow.
  • Experiment with pairing textured wooden furniture with grain and different finishes for an authentic boho look. Clean finishes won’t elicit the same effect.
  • Accessorize with elegant detailing for visual interest that complements the eclecticism in the room.
  • At the end of the day, it’s all about comfort–so incorporate throws, poufs and pillows for those feel-good, snuggly vibes.

Bedroom Boho Beauty


  • Your bedroom is your safe space, so keep that in mind when you accessorize. A fashionable chandelier and antiqued goldtone mirror look upscale while still maintaining that hint of boho flair.
  • Mismatched furniture is ultra-cool and unconventional, so look for neutrals in an ottoman or nightstand that flow together well.
  • Having a table lamp is not only practical, but it adds a warm, inviting light source in your bedroom for the illusion of a larger space.
  • Play with colorful bedding sets for an easy way to transform your room and to accentuate different palettes.
  • Introduce differing textures and colors with a pouf, rug or throw for that creative, artsy finish.
  • Make your storage fashionable by utilizing these vintage-style birdcage accents and jewelry boxes for a flowy, organic-feeling space.
  • A metal headboard draws attention to your bed and reinforces a boho vintage vibe anyone would love coming home to.

We’d love to see your boho style. Use the hashtag #MyAshleyHome for a chance to get featured on our Instagram.

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Vote Now to Pick the Ultimate Kitchen for Holiday Entertaining

Get your ovens mitts ready, because the holiday season is upon us. From festive feasts to cookie exchanges, home-cooked food plays a vital role in many families’ holiday traditions.

Most of us don’t get to cook in dream kitchens outfitted with loads of counter space, two or three ovens, an industrial-sized refrigerator, and multiple sinks for piling up the dirty dishes. But let’s escape for a moment into a sugar-scented holiday daydream, where the dishwasher is always empty, the floors are never sticky, and nothing ever burns.

Choose the kitchens below you would most like as the backdrop for your holiday cooking and entertaining.

Photos from Zillow listings: Country warmth; City skylights
Photos from Zillow listings: Brick beauty; Stone stunner
Photos from Zillow listings: Modern minimalist; Neutral and natural
Photos from Zillow listings: French dressing; Vintage charm

Get more kitchen design inspiration on Zillow Digs.


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Warm Solution for a Cold Room

Warm Solution for Cold Rooms in Your House

Warm Solution for a Cold Room I’m excited to share this solution with anyone who has a cold room in their home. Sometimes a room may be cold because it lacks a heating duct, is missing insulation, or is on a concrete slab. Whatever the reason, today I’m going to share with you a Warm Solution […]

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