How to build your own gallery wall: DIY

When it comes to home decor, trends are constantly evolving and becoming easier to achieve. Arranging frames has long since been a simple way to add personality and coziness to your home. Recently, there has been an emergence of eclectic ways to truly illustrate a creative gallery wall and still have it fit into your decor scheme. It’s a perfect break from the monotony of traditional photo frames perfectly placed side by side. We’ve gathered the materials you’ll need with steps to do it yourself and add some spice to your walls.

final 11

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • Frames or clipboards
  • Level (use your phone’s compass app!)
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Damage-free adhesive tape or nails
  • Art
  • Painter’s tape
  • Scissors
  • Tissue paper
  • Creativity!

final 4

The key to this DIY will be mixing and matching your frames to really capture an eclectic styling. Look around the house for old frames, take a trip to the thrift store or vintage shops. Let this be a gradual process, try finding a few unique frames that inspire you so that the gallery wall will pop with vintage and modern accents. Once you find your frames you need to place your art into them. You can find art at local farmer’s markets, Etsy, your kid’s artwork as well as some crafts from around the house.


Quick tips on how to style your frames:

– Display art from friends

– Create a vision board

– Use your initial(s)

– Clip a quote that inspires you

– Highlight a place you’ve visited or want to visit
– Choose a symbol

– Branch out into floral art

– Add abstract art

– Get creative with pop art like succulents in a wall vase or crumpled flowers

– **BONUS Leave some or all of your frames empty for a simple frame gallery wall!

Once you have gotten all of your art squared away it’s time to get started on the hanging process.

  • Add art to frames.

final; 6

  • Make a mock layout for frame placements using tissue paper and painter’s tape. Be sure to measure and level placements before hanging.

Final 5

  • Start hanging art in respective spots, here you can use either damage free adhesive tape or nails and a hammer. Whichever works best for the frames you’re hanging.

final 8

final 9

  • Whether your gallery is over a desk, sofa or accent chairs, be sure to add additional accessories that add value to the space.

final 3

  • Once you are done be sure to take lots of photos and post to our Instagram to show us how you styled your gallery wall, use #MyAshleyHome.

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